PANDORA : MPEG2-TS streams Analyzer

The best HbbTV analyser tool available

In addition to different content generation solutions, Vizion'R offers an MPEG2 TS Stream analysis tool which provides unique capabilities for analysis and presentation to inspect in detail the stream at all levels (audio, video, HbbTV, MPEG4-BIFS).

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Some unique features

MPEG2-TS Stream Analyser
  • Automatic reporting functionality (error and quality)
  • Compatible with Apple HTTP Streaming
  • Advanced decoding content HbbTV, T-DMB/BIFS

This tool allows for example to display the characteristics of an MPEG2-TS by listing the parameters of all internal streams (average flow rate, flow rate, flow type ..) and present the results as clear and accurate diagrams.

With the Pandora analysis solution, you can optimize your encoders and take maximum advantage of the TS stream in term of quality as well as performance.

Pandora User Manual can be downloaded here: Pandora User Manual.

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